nice hsit i smoked last night
nice chronic
by potty potty pot-head February 18, 2004
Possessing high quality, flashy, gawdy.
Yo, man, them rims is CHRONIC!
by A. A. Ron February 25, 2005
chronic- any type of good weed that is in nugs and is almost seedless
by indo September 24, 2003
:best album in Rap history
:weed that makes you cry and/or bust a nut when you see it
Yo I was listin to some Dre when the chronic king came and granted my with some nugs and I cryed then busted a nut
by Harryballz May 22, 2003
1.Weed; good weed; or
2.Long term user of weed
1.Got any chronic bro?
2.That niggaz no good, he be chronic
by Arsalan January 24, 2003
Yo, imma let u all kno that "CHRONIC" is a word, and thaword is used to catagories marajuana that is given the highest level of attention while growing it, as a result, the "bud" will turn out highly significantly potent, on MANY different levels,experiments with growing, rusulted in marajuana with such names as "dutch passion" "bubble gum" "fire" "blueberrie" etc.
two grams of "regular" marajuana will typicaly cost you 5 dollers,1 gram of chronic will cost you 20 dollers.
by chronicman4201 (hitmeup) September 14, 2003
you jackasses, in some parts of the east coast chronic means weed laced with coke. you may not have heard of it, but it exist.
I smoked some chronic and ran on the highway and punched cars.
by Steven September 08, 2003

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