the best weed ever
"I had to back up off of it and sit my ass down...tanqueray and chronic yeah I'm fucked up now" - snoop
by pisky March 28, 2003
1. Another word for marijuna

2. Another term used to call something good.
1. "Do you know where to get any chronic?"

2. "Man this shit is so chronic"
#marijuana #pot #weed #dope #greens.
by bx0 March 22, 2009
In Dallas, texas there is a difference between Chronic and kronic though they are both pronounced the same. (i have not heard this to be true anywhere but D-town)

1.) One of the stronger strains of marijuana. It is actually NOT used to describe just any sort of good weed, there is a certain type, usually indica, that is labled Chronic. It won 3rd place at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.

2.) Describing something that was awesome or really amazing. Especially a really good high.
1.) We blazed up some Chronic and were f*ckin blitzed out of our minds.

2.) "Man that was some kronic(really cool) shit!"
#cannabis #marijuana #weed #pot #chronic #dro #hydro #hydroponic
by asfdg May 25, 2006
noun: Marijuana of very high quality.
adjective: Amazing, really good, etc.

Definitely does _not_ mean pot with coke, as someone said before here.

I have heard that the word "chronic" meaning marijuana comes directly from the Dr. Dre album by that name, and this may be true.

However doctors also prescribe marijuana for "chronic pain," and people with chronic weed readily available to them often do become what experts call chronic (or habitual) users. So those could also be possible sources.
Yo, you got any chronic?

This weed is pretty good, but it aint the chronic.

This party is the chronic!
by kilgore trout July 28, 2003
weed: see cannibis, ganja; also a Dr. Dre album
Ladies, they pay homage, but haters say Dre fell off
How? My last album was "The Chronic"
by Dr. Dre January 31, 2002
pot that smells greatly of thc.
somthing that tastes extremely good.
dude this pot is so chronic

man this choclate is so chronic
#chronic #taste #smell #pot #illegal
by thbbbbbbbbt May 09, 2009
California herb. Dank ia a term used to describe good chronic, not to describe bad chronic. Sometimes people say dank instead of chronic
Damn that shit was some dank!!!! I'm blown........

You got herb? Is it dank, or some dirt?
by Loc- O [bk] June 22, 2004
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