Chronic can mean anything, it can mean cool. it could mean awesome. it could mean alot. it could mean hectic ect. ect.
he was pissing me off something chronic
by leisey July 10, 2008
Just another word for Marijuana.
pass me that chronic.
by K.T. January 08, 2005
For when you have the splats from smokin weed
oooo i got some bad chronic niggah
by The Tump July 23, 2003
When a person has a jonsing so bad they got's the shakes
Look at that nigga shake..Chronic!
by OCM March 14, 2003
A term used for cheap marijuana all over the U.S.A to make it sound like its the best.
I got some killer chronic, but it only cost me $3.
by Visual September 03, 2003
Marijuana laced with PCP.
You should not smoke chronic if you have even a shred of dignity.
Is used when referring to strong weed. According to Snoop Dogg, the the phrase 'the chronic' came about as a mispronounciation by Dr. Dre of weed grown using hydroponics. Dre supposedly thought the weed was "hydrochronic".
"yo wys today g?"

"yeah, I just hit that chronic bro and im blazed."
by raggi April 18, 2015

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