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A degenerate and infectious disease. The moment other people try to plan something with an afflicted person, he will flare up, and become fully incapacitated. This can manifest itself in a number of ways:

lack of response: the infected will not respond to calls, text messages, emails, and may even actively avoid the friend trying to plan something with him in public.

evading commitment: the infected will respond to requests of hanging out with vague answers such as "idk lol" or "hmmmm", effectively ruining the other's ability to plan.

false commitment: the infected will agree on a plan, then anywhere from a few days to mere hours before the agreed upon time he'll be all like "yo so sorry broseph but apparently i are had mad plans today so i cant cum lololol meow" and bail on the plan like an asshole.
no i tried asking him but his chronic planning herpes kicked in. we wont be seeing him anytime soon.
by _ice_pick June 13, 2011
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