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A person that is simply a complete waking and sleeping asshole. 24-7-365. This commited "dildo" is recognized by their rudeness, "I'm so very special" syndrome, ongoing constipation, and leaking cell phone mouth disease. These folks don't get it and never will. Their condition is ongoing and largely irreversible.
Vrin: Look at that jerk. He's announcing his farts while walking down the wedding aisle with Suzy, even asking her to lift his leg as he aerates for maximum tone and volume.
Jadu: What a chronic dildo.
Vrin: You can say that again. He even asked his future mother-in-law to sample his offering and she gave him a big 2 thumbs up.
Jadu: They're both chronic dildos.
Vrin: You can say that again.
Jadu: They're both chonic dildos.
by jethrojones August 13, 2012
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