A Google Chrome fanboy- one who refuses to accept the obvious superiority of Firefox.

Likewise, chromy capitalism is used to describe the partnership between Google and chromies that seeks to keep Google as the market leader in all things related to the internet.
Chromy: "So what if Firefox has thousands of add-ons? Chrome is marginally faster at loading webpages, and that's all that really matters."

Voice of reason: "Renounce your chromy ways, and choose to see the light! The fire fox is a kind and just browser god. And besides, we have custom search engine plug-ins!"
by crowbarofdeath August 11, 2011
Top Definition
chromies a.k.a valve stem cap(if you dont know what it meens heres the definition for it) The caps that keep the air from coming out of your tires.
"Daaaaam check out them mustang chromies"
by e-doggy June 01, 2006
Homies that use the google chrome web browser.
Me and my fellow chromies been taking over that browser market share
by rdeba May 20, 2014
Someone who is sexually attracted to robots or cyborgs, much like a furry is attracted to anthropomorphic animals.
Person 1: "John thought that Rosie the robot was hot"

Person 2: "wow he must have a bad case of the Chromies"
by Commander Fist May 21, 2011
In Graff. Throwups that are done on "freeways" in chrome paint. reason are that if cars headlights hit them they'll shine.
Chromies are out of this world!!!
by DigDug March 06, 2004
Shiney ass chrome rims. Chrome rims should be at least 17 inches in size.
yo, check out dem chromies, son!
by Syke_54 January 28, 2005
A misanthropic bicycle gang form Chicago.
Hey, did you see those Chromies steal that ladies ice scraper after helping her change her tire?
by Joel C January 04, 2004
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