prolly the most beautiful girl in the world

look into her eyes and youl fall over if she smiles just from how amazing she is

so beautiful you could tare into her eyes all day and know everythings okay

the girl who deserve to be treated like the angel she is

Overall amazing and perfect
Christy!!! : christy k :)
by ANNNNDDDYYYY October 31, 2010
Top Definition
Has a nice sense of style that no one else has.
Is sweet to talk to. loves people.
is a swinger when it comes to dating.
is shy sometime, but can lose control too.
ohh yeah she's hot!
she's my girl.christy
by boo37189 February 20, 2009
a cool, smart, fair, kind, often sexy, boss
Being at work was something to look forward to working for a christy.
by The Summit January 17, 2008
A girl who is wild and free. She just loves to have a good time with her friends. She always has to be listening to her music. She is very good at comforting you when you're down and is very sweet. She is always eating though she is not fat.
Girl 1: Man I love Christy. She is so good at making you feel beter about things.

Girl 2: I know! Not to mention the best person to sing and party with!
by Energia25 February 05, 2010
The greatest friend you could ever have. The girl who makes you happy on your worst days. Someone who your closer to than anyone else you will ever meet. You can sit in a room with her for days and never run out of things to say. Shes beautiful and pretty much perfect.
I talked with that girl for hours...shes definately a Christy
by Abby Lane April 05, 2010
Extremely and out-of-this-world cool.
dude, she is sooooo christy.
by Christaynay August 12, 2011
A hot innocent (usually) blonde girl with an amazing smile.

She is fun but can also be a little up-tight.

Can sometimes be a control freak but its cute.

Her eyes are insanely gorgeous matching her flawless skin. She's pretty in her own way.

Everyone wishes they looked like her.
Oh my gosh Britney spears is so hot!...Not as hot as Christy though. DANG..
by Kyle Jay Swan April 28, 2011
Christy is the bestest friend you could ever have. You couldn't live without her! You can share anything with her and she will try her best to help. She is ginger but very pretty! Life without a Christy is pointless!
Hey look it's Christy! The bestest person you could meet!
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