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A sexual act, or acts, that aim to impress and satisfy someone in bed. When you take a girl home and give her the Christmas Goose, you do your best in bed and pull out all the tricks.
#1: It was his birthday so I gave him the Christmas Goose.

#2: Bro did you give that girl at the bar the Christmas Goose?

No man, That girl didn't deserve the goose!
by BrOsKi April 09, 2013
A girl who gets horny around the holiday season, and gets fucked by as many guys as possible.
Guy 1: "What's you're favourite part about Christmas?"
Guy 2: "The Christmas Goose kiid!"
by G-Mizzle November 13, 2006
a light pat on the derriere of a female by a male, usually a co-worker, usually at a company Christmas party
after having a few beers, I gave Michelle a little Christmas goose, and she giggled
by Woody Thomas April 08, 2007