1. When a happy suprirse arrives before Christmas, like a hot new date, awesome gift or magical experience.

2. Christmas-like experience — be it material, spiritual or festival — hapening ahead of schedule.
I took off his clothes and it was like Christmas Came Early!
by Mr. Magical December 01, 2012
Top Definition
The expression "christmas came early" originated in northern New Mexico. In this case, "christmas" refers to the unique combination of both red chile and green chile on your breakfast burrito. The fiery blend has a unique chemical reaction that results in premature bowel movements that are tainted with the fire of the chile. Thus, when one has a BM after consuming a christmas breakfast burrito, christmas is said to have come early.
Ralph: Oh, man! It's only 10:00 am and that loaf I dropped felt like fire!

Ted: Sounds like christmas came early.
by Kate Sjostrand March 21, 2008
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