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Christina; a rare species of beautiful women located in Austria. Highly flexible and tooth-achingly sweet. If you happen to come across a Christina be careful, they'll have your heart from the get go. Warning; makes you highly aware of your hormones.
by bornNbredBrit April 23, 2013
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An unintentional crimp or wave in your hair, usually at the back of the head where hair is the thickest and least visible to the eye. This occurs when a section of hair is missed while straightening.

Named after Christina Aguilera and her signature arm wave used when belting out a song.
Becca: Jenny your head is chalk full of christinas.
Jenny: Well it's just so hard to reach the back of my head.
Becca: We need to straighten those bitches.

Emily: Grace, do I have any christinas?
Grace: Oooo yeah is your straightener still on?
by acceb August 10, 2007
16 8
Christina is a little miss sassy pants! She tells you what is on her mind. She may be short but do not let that fool you! She may seem like a nice person, but looks can and are deceiving! She has a demonic side and voice that usually comes out when she is out playing tennis. However, that is not all she has to offer. She is a great friend that can never be replaced! She is intelligent, caring, and overall a great person to be around! If you need an old movie watching buddy she is one you want to hang with! If that is not enough to top it off she is a bookworm! She enjoys reading and then watching the distorted movies based on the books! There is no one quite like her!
Liliana, Thuyvi, and many more are truly fortunate to have a friend like Christina!
by FloorsVeyetwoeyeChrustTIEnah October 16, 2013
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Christina is awesome. She is a sweet yet a mean girl!! She knows how to make you smile when your mad. Is so funny. Has a thick head. Smart but dumb most of the time. Is a amazing friend!! Treats you like any right person would. Will literally want to do everything with you. Gets hurt easily. Very sarcastic. She has a beautiful voice. I don't know what I would do without her?!?! She is a amazing and talented in so many ways. She knows how to make your day be so much brighter. Is a amazing brunette with poofy hair so much poofy hair! She has greenish brownish eyes. So self centered likes to take pictures with me all the time. I love you Christima A. K. And don't know what I would do without you!
Christina: twerk twerk

Me: ohh ok
Christina:twerk team

Christina:smell my hand

by Ff123 May 18, 2013
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A beautiful fantastic girl. guys swoon over her. she may not realize it, but everyone loves her. the prettiest girl in school. popular in a positive way.

she always knows what she wants and is picky but gets what she wants anyway. she is so friendly and helpful and trustworthy. shes an amazing friend and loves helping others. she has bumps along the road but always overcomes them with her head held high. perfect body and face. shes gorgeous and all around perfect. guys all want her because she is flirty without realizing it and makes everyone fall for her by accident. no one can resist her charm. she makes an amazing girlfriend and a great lover. watch out for this beautiful girl with the amazing singing voice. she'll rope you in like a siren.
guy; christina was so perfect... i spent my whole night with her i think im in love
girl; i'm so jealous, christina is so pefect, everything i'm not and wish to be
guy; yeah pretty much.

Compatible names; daniel, jonathan, shane, zeke, wyatt, gabe, anything similar to those
by lalaloopsy0009 October 20, 2013
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The name of a girl who's sweet, but can be rude to even ratchet when provoked. She can be the most beautiful girl, and even if she isn't she never fails to have a prettt face. She can only truly love one person at a time.
Serenity: who's that?
Katelyn: that's Christina, can't you tell?
by ItsCLove December 14, 2013
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An amazing smart person who is a great friend and brave as well as very lovable and want to love someone she is very pretty but is insecure she is bond to end up with a Ethan because they are strong people
Wow look at Christina she's so pretty and smart
by Cupcakesugar42 February 16, 2014
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