The belief of God. When you are a Christian, you go to church and read the bible. Some Christians get baptized. According to Christianity, when you die, if you don't believe in Jesus Christ, you will go to Hell. If you do believe in the Lord and are a Christian, you will go to a wonderful place called Heaven where all of your friends and family who are no longer among Earth live. According to Christians, the end of the world will result in God fighting Satin, the Devil.
Do you believe in Christianity?
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by The Human Being/Person December 05, 2016
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A cult created by Paul with the intent of making it easy for pagans to adopt monotheism and the Ten Commandments and join the Jewish revolt against Roman taxation, oppression, colonialism, cultural imperialism and occupation.

Paul made it easy for the pagans by throwing away Jewish practices that Jesus, as a good Jew, followed, including circumcision, kosher dietary laws, and Sabbath observance. Paul also made G-d into a human being (Jesus), again to make things easy for the pagan idol worshipers to understand.

Jesus never viewed the Old Covenant as abrogated or obsolete and followed it rigorously as an observant Jew. Jesus did not want to die, asking G-d why He forsook him. On the crucifix, Jesus referred to G-d as "my Father", which is one of about ten ways that Jews routinely refer to G-d, not indicating any actual parental relationship.

The Romans killed Jesus because he wanted to be Messiah, which meant becoming the next king of the Jews and kicking out the Roman's appointed puppet king for the Jews, so the Messiah thing was treason against Rome and punishable by death.

Many Jews wanted to be Messiah and all of them failed. The Romans crucified many thousands of Jews according to historians of that time, primarily because the Romans feared that the Jews would rebel, which they did twice, resulting in millions of Jewish deaths, the eviction of the Jews from Judaea (Israel) and the erection of the Arch of Titus in Rome directly in front of the Roman Senate to celebrate the Roman victory over the Jews.

Later on, Jews changed the idea of Messiah to apply to whomever would bring world peace and Paul changed the definition to be whomever gets you a free ticket to heaven.

Because there is not and has never been world peace, Jews do not believe the Messiah has yet arrived. Because Christian's accept Paul's definition of Messiah and because Christians believe that they have a free ticket to heaven, Christians do believe that the Messiah has arrived.

The key problems with Christianity include:

1) pathological, genocidal anti-Semitism (they stole the Jews' religion, or tried to, and so wish to bury the evidence...literally)
2) non-obligatory nature of keeping the Ten Commandments (since you can always accept Jesus on your deathbed and go to heaven)
3) perverting the idea of Original Sin to be that which guarantees anyone who doesn't figure out some trick to be saved will burn in Hell for eternity, rather than the metaphorical event that gave humankind Knowledge (and the moral responsibility that comes with it) that made our species different from the animals
4) making G-d fallible enough to create a moral law-based path to Heaven (Judaism) and replacing it later with a free ticket to Heaven (Christianity)
5) making G-d egoistic enough to sacrifice his son for Man's salvation, but only allowing those who believed that such an incident occurred to benefit from it
6) making the focus of life into the after-life, rather than this life, thereby devaluing G-d's gift of Creation
7) numerous genocides, inquisitions and persecutions throughout history and throughout the world

Christianity first became popular when the unpopular Nero fed them to lions in the Roman Coliseum, after offering them a choice of renouncing their faith; Romans hated Nero, after he allowed the city to burn while he fiddled (and due to his cruelty, insanity and sexual perversions), so they took an interest in this Christian demonstration of resistance to his scape-goating them for the fire.

Christianity's second major advance occurred with the adoption by Constantine of Christianity, following his wife, and his imposition of it as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Many argue this was to appeal to the powerful urban elite, many of whom had become Christian, some of whom had been converts to Judaism, but switched to the easier Christianity after the Jewish Revolts failed and Roman persecution of Jews became severe.

Christianity's final paganization occurred at the Council of Nicea, where pagan priests, fearful of losing their jobs after Constantine's conversion, became Christians but imposed their paganized views on the young faith, thereby elevating Jesus to the status of G-d and introducing Jesus-idols into churches. This culminated the process of de-Judaizing Christianity and resulted in the Iconoclastic controversy, where the pagans proved victorious.

Having succeeded in eliminating any part of a Jewish soul or moral compass from the faith, Christianity then began a 1,500-year murder spree, destroying indigenous cultures throughout Europe, the Americas and Africa, resulting in a Christian population today of close to two billion.

Today, in its heartland of Europe, Christianity is in decline. In England and France, more worshipers attend mosques than churches. In the Middle East, most Christians have been evicted or killed by the Muslims, except in Egypt, where Christians are merely persecuted. However, Christianity is succeeding in the Americas, Africa and Asia (the latter in which it fills a religious vacuum).
Christian: "You are going to Hell, where you will suffer forever, because you do not believe that G-d sacrificed his only son for you to save you from Adam and Eve's sin when they ate the apple.

I, however, who worship Christianity, will enjoy an eternity of bliss in Heaven, perhaps playing harps, perhaps visiting dead friends and relatives whom I miss, and perhaps flying around with a new set of angel-wings."

Non-Christian: "Dude, you're one wacked-out freak. Get a life."
by Frank Calzone August 24, 2007
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if you want to do it then its a sin.
Nick sat down and watched tv
thats christianity for you
by Dubickimus August 24, 2010
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The largest and only true religion in the world. It currently consists of well over 2 BILLION people all over the globe, including the Middle East. Most Christians are dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the word of God in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Just because of several million violent, hate-filled Christians who perform the kinds of acts they do, it doesn't mean that every single Christian (and definitely not the majority) are like the negative, ignorant, and destructive kinds of people that you stereotype them as. It is wrong to stereotype an entire worldwide religion and its people because of the actions of a few. And for those of you calling us hate-filled, homophobic, and violent; just keep in mind what the Muslims are doing over in the Middle East. Unlike them, we do not abuse and oppress our women (except for a very few terrible men). We believe in the sanctity of life, and we don't go out murdering and exterminating those of another religion or those who have no religion. In addition, we do not impede on the progress of scientific study as also falsely-claimed by many millions. Have you never heard of Gregor Mendel, the Catholic clergyman who discovered genetics in experiments with pea plants? That man is probably the finest example of how Christians actually promote the advancements in science, especially since many of those advancements lead to the saving of lives.
For those of you calling we Christians close-minded, redneck, hick, fascist, nazi, Republican (not that that's derogatory, by the way), gay-basher, warmonger, hypocrite, retard, Bible banger and many other, far more profane names and labels, perhaps you're not that open-minded yourselves. So, who's the REAL hypocrite?
by A Midwestern Christian March 27, 2005
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It started when a nice guy hundreds of years ago pretty much said, "Hey guys, maybe we shouldn't be assholes to eachother." For this, he was nailed to a tree.

However, everyone didn't seem to be able to understand "Be nice" so they made up a ton of reasons why he said this.
Eventually this was spun out of hand and one question led to another.

Eventually it started being used to give reason to biggotry. Such as hatred twords gays. When the real reason that these christians hate gays is simply because they are different from them.
It was mainly used to squeeze money from followers (similar to Sceintology). And to gain more followers the christians decided to smear other religons, like Saitanism, to have more followers and more money.
They did this by naming the guy they blamed everything on Saitan, putting their nonsense holidays on the same days as other holidays, and even taking over the holidays of other religons (like Christmas).

Today it is used for, the mental controll of the population of America, stealing money from it's followers, making hate laws (no gay rights), making yourself feel better than everyone else because you belive the story about the cosmic jewish zombie who is his own father, etc...
There are too many christians on the interent.
"No, I'm pretty sure it was Christianity that started WWII."
by GalenTheWorldeEater February 05, 2011
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A religion, prominent in the Western world, and spread elsewhere largely through conquest. Spread into many denominations as to increase convenience for the followers, who often follow only because everybody else does.

Christianity supports the theory that a platonic divine overlord (commonly referred to as "God") created the Earth and presides over it, and, in fact, involves himself in the daily lives of "his people". Oftentimes Christians pray as to gain the assistance of God. According to Christianity, Jesus was a messiah (and the son of God, who in turn died on a cross as to "atone for the sins of humans", however that connects....), spreading the word of God through miraculous actions and largely philosophical, profound dialogues. His actions and dialogues can be found in the Bible, the religious book (similar to the Koran or Torah)of the Christians.

With the Enlightenment, as a higher level of thinking was achieved, atheists (people who do not believe in divinity) began to arise, later creating a conclusive theory involving the creation of the Earth that does not involve divine precedence.

As technology spreads and thinking broadens, more atheists arise, and oftentimes are met fiercely with Christians, who, as a result, violate their own principles in an effort to justify their insecurities regarding their beliefs.

Christianity should not be hated. It spreads a good message, usually along the lines of "be nice all the time". If anything should be feared, it should be the followerrs of the religion, who are marked by hypocrisy,fanaticism, and violence (though this is not always the case).
"Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (though they call him Allah) all believe in God."

"Christianity has often been criticized for being false and outdated, yet has long withstanded pressure and will likely never collapse."
by Dude with an opinion July 09, 2007
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A religion that caused the crusades, the age of scientific oppression, homophobia, creationism and plenty of genocides.
The bible contains some rediculous rules:
1. You can't be gay
2. You can't have long hair
3. A woman must serve her husband (i.e a woman is inferior to a man)
4. A woman can't lead
5. Loads more

It's a religion based on fear. Disobey it and you go to hell. It also created creationism, the theory of Noah's ark, both of which have been disproven time and time again yet there's so many idiots following it that they cling to their rediculous beliefs. And it fails to mention that homosexuality is genetic and not a choice.

Don't get me wrong, most Christians are good people but the religion is deeply flawed.
Redneck: Stupid fags ur goin to hell! Follow God or go to hell! Don't vote for Hillary or go to hell! Cut your hair or go to hell! Believe in creationism or go to hell! Follow Christianity or go to hell! Now let's go kill some fuckin' queers and lynch a nigga before we go and blow up the abortion clynic!

Good Christian: 1. Thou shalt not swear 2. Thou shall not kill 3. Respect and love your neighbour

Redneck: (struggles not to shout out he is just a violent ignorant person who needs to vent out his natural anger at everything) Err...Ermmm...Fuck u ur goin ta hayelll!!!
by Fat Fee June 22, 2010
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