Terrorist organisation based on fundementalist christianity.

Use threats of violence and mass boycotts to achieve their aims which include forcing the population of the UK to 'repent', and the installation of law according to the Bible, for example: convictions to be based on the evidence of two or three witnesses, regardless of forensic evidence.

The organisation is homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic and strongly opposed to abortion, sex education and any kind of contraception.

christian voice was most recently in the public eye when it threatened a cancer charity, Maggie's Centres, forcing it to turn down a £10,000 donation that was raised from a performance of "Jerry Springer - The Opera", which the organisation claimed to have offended christians.

It has pledged to defend those accused of homophobic bullying (The bullies, not the victims), and has links with UK Life League, an organisation with similar prejudices and tactics.

The group also praised Hurricane Katrina, for how it 'purified' the city of New Orleans.

While they attempt to maximise the trauma to their victims, the group is a relatively low threat. It has little political influence and will use pickets, boycotts and hate mail, rather than outright violence on most occasions. Its membership details remain vague.
"That group 'christian voice', work with James Dowson, who was convicted of possesion of a weapon and breach of the peace."

by Seb.F. May 20, 2007
Top Definition
People who would be in the BNP but happen to hate homosexuals slightly more than they hate black people at the moment.

Dispite the name they have as little to do with Christianity as Al Q'aida has to do with Islam.
Uneducated Bigot 1: I hate black people im joining the BNP.

Uneducated Bigot 2: I hate Homosexuals so im joining Christian Voice
by X-X-X-X-X September 02, 2008
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