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A person who loves to preach Jesus but claims to have had lots of sexual experiences. (All of which is a LIE!)
Random Person: "What would Jesus think of your sexual behavior?"

Kerry: "I go to bible studies everyday and I read my bible but I think that he would understand that I have needs that need to be met."

Random Person: "What a christian slut"
by wecaughtyou May 24, 2010
A girl who holds to traditional protestant christian beliefs who also exhibits typical slut behavior.

A christian slut, is different from a regular slut, in that they do not follow threw in any sexual acts. Actions like: kissing, sex, blowjobs, etc. are strictly prohibited in there world view.
Yo, that girl turned out to be a christian slut.

Dude: Yo, you get with that chick the other night?
Dude friend: Na bro, turned out she was a christian slut and just wanted to cuddle.
by חיים March 31, 2012