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n. an R&B singer
v. to smack a bitch upside her head
"OMG I'm going to Chris Brown's show tonight"

"Don't make me Chris Brown your ass bitch, now make me a sandwich!"
by JazzyCohort February 10, 2009
110 116
After Choking a whore and giving her a Dirty Sanchez, take her money, driver's liscence, and shave all her hair. Then drop her off at the nearest gas station.
I gave linsey lohan a Chris Brown after that bitch gave me herpes.
by Dik'n'ass June 22, 2009
81 88
v - to severely beat the shit out of someone
"Man, I gotta Chris Brown that nigga for trying to steal my girlfriend"
by joeyk-town April 16, 2009
126 133
For a guy to beat a girl.
Veronica: "Yo Bianca. Did you hear what Kyle did to Isabella?"

Bianca: "Yea. He gave her a Chris Brown."
by BellaBunny March 16, 2009
75 82
Woman Beater (:
and you cant deny he isnt
me: Have you seen Chris brown lately?
Person: Yeah thats why i have a black eye
by RGYHUJDSYF UGUIG March 10, 2009
120 127
To punch a bitch in the face.
To get overly angry and/or get psycho-crazy and hit a girl in the face. To beat up a woman.
My girlfriend was buggin' me hard-core, so I about went Chris Brown on her ass, but I'd never hit a woman.
by cbizzle8 March 04, 2009
82 89
Young R&B singer who beat up on his girl friend Rihanna after a party.
Girl you better shut your mouth before I go Chris Brown on your ass!
by getwitit March 01, 2009
123 130