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The love shared and felt amongst the stellar chimers of Chimes Junior Honorary; it is unique to the group for the feelings of companionship, respect, and admiration they have for one another.
I really chove that Chimer.
by Chove endures June 21, 2010
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A prospective female of sexual relations.
"I'm heading out to find me some chove!"
by Leland the land of Lees March 08, 2008
Derived from the word "Anchovie". Used to describe the female and/or the female anatomy.

Nate went out to the bars looking for some chove.
by Mikey Nieves December 19, 2007
A fellow employee that one tends to talk to and treat as if they were a friend despite actually disliking them because they are an utter goon.
'There's a new guy that's just started at work. What a chove.'
by a_sell January 06, 2010
chav love. blud.
gimme some sweet sweet chove-ings. BRAP.
by saltcoats. February 17, 2009
when a loser from chat falls in love with a fat ugly broad also in chat
evil is in chove with pele, but she dumped his sorry slurpee ass
by porkadelphia1 October 20, 2006

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