a penis that is wider than it is long
cas has a teenie weenie cho
by harry6930 January 11, 2007
A silent person who doesn't respond to greetings. Prone to violent outbursts.
Normal Person: Hey man, how's it goin? (Pause) Dude? (Pause) Ah, you Cho.

(Cho caps normal person.)
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd April 17, 2007
A slang word for very cool asian
Cho is fucking awesome
by bizam May 09, 2004
Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui.
Cho shot 32 students and faculty on Virginia Tech's campus Monday before turning the gun on himself.

by Cho890 April 18, 2007
a word orginally used in spanish.
person one. "que paso perro" (whats up dwg.)
person 2 "nada much" (not much)

broken down into english.
Not a moo cho (its wat it sounds like,)
cho is a potato. the sentance then sounds like: not a cow potato.
1. did you eat your cho?

2. not a moo cho
by ADD April 16, 2005

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