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(n) Emo, clingy individual.
(v) To guilt or force into an activity.
(adj) To act emo/sad.
"You're such a cho."
"You got cho'ed into being auctioned, loser!"
"Stop being so cho, she was taken!"
by chofriend February 26, 2007
A shorter verson of the Prison slang term for Child Molester.
"Dude that freak is a cho, don't share your hand lotion with him."

Inmate 1: "Dude, what are you doing in Seg?"
Inmate 2: "I threw a Cho off the fourth tier, bro."
by jayateabug March 01, 2008
mad cunts.. sick cunts... not OTC, OTP, or OTC mainly people that have swag, are fly, and are of ethnic background
A cho is someone who is extremely good at car dougie
by zvibull matsif June 18, 2011
the inside of a butt/asshole.or basically any insulting name you can come up with
Dude that guy at taco bell didn't give me any hot sauce,what a cho!!!!
by fredzilla20 March 14, 2008
A universal word derived from the word 'sir'. It was created by John-Michael of UNCW and soon spread throughout North Carolina. It can be used as any part of speach in response to all questions, statements, and comments. Also see cho-ing.
Anise is such a cho.
by Michelle Abou-Eid July 05, 2007
to go postal and mass murder a large group of people, as in VT gunman Cho Seung Hui.
He was picked on so badly by the jocks, I was scared he was going to turn Cho on all of us.
by Lorz April 28, 2007
One who is always late for work
"Why Didn't you Cho up for work today!"
by Brian Kaplan March 23, 2007