A North East of England colloquial adjective meaning good and reflecting a high level of greatness.
That kebab was well chos
Your sister has a well chos rack
That time when Bono fell of the stage at that U2 gig and climbed back onto the stage and pretended that he was OK and hadn't hurt himself but he really had and then he had to cancel all the planned gigs for a year was chos
by gjd24601 June 21, 2013
Toes that look like choads.
Wow Tricia, you have five choes on each foot!
by tubsNfatty June 15, 2007
when you choose to go to a nasty church
I chos. or The priest choses.
by chaca May 31, 2007
To shit in one's favourite pants, or just pants in general
Dude, did you just chos yourself?

I had a big night last night, and I think I chosed myself.
by Nachooo Riley December 02, 2010
Urban African Spanish-American Ghetto Slang for "you" or "your"
Cho: Singular. Pronounced "chew"
Chos: Plural. Pronounced as spelled

"Cho. Choo. Choooo can play da skin flute, on chos mamma's back"
by Big Sloppy Squirt January 23, 2009
choes are choad toes
My roommate has choes on the end of her feet.
by tubslovesfatty June 01, 2007
another way to say bye
anne: im away now, cho!
Ian: cho!
by gem-dog June 14, 2011

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