a word orginally used in spanish.
person one. "que paso perro" (whats up dwg.)
person 2 "nada much" (not much)

broken down into english.
Not a moo cho (its wat it sounds like,)
cho is a potato. the sentance then sounds like: not a cow potato.
1. did you eat your cho?

2. not a moo cho
by ADD April 16, 2005
Top Definition
the Persian word for a silent, extremely pungent smelling fart; can be used as a verb
To pronounce it correctly, think of the word "most." Keeping all the sounds the same, change the M to a CH and drop the T. Also in past tense form (such as "chosed," the S does not turn into a Z, is keeps the same sound)
I let out the nastiest chos in the car and my mom nearly suffocated.
He is the chosmaster supreme, fo' sho'.
by the Zad November 27, 2004
To lose one's state of mind; to go ballistic; to go postal.
"He went Cho and shot up the place."

"Hey, don't go all Cho on me!"
by Joseph T. B. April 23, 2007
Filipino gay expression for something not meant fully, somewhat akin to 'just kidding,' 'whatever,' 'i'm just exaggerating'
Your brother is the love of my life, I think I can die for him. Chos! --> from a girl describing a boy she just met
by Echoserang Froglette November 20, 2009
Persian word for the word fart, more specifically, a SBD fart (silent but deadly).
"Oh my god who chossed?!?! It is the worst chos I have smelled in my life!"

Fart, Stink


Related words:
Gooz, Fart, Busting a grumpy
by cocolake May 04, 2011
The last name of an extremely attractive and charming person. Cho's are usually sweet and kind. They have a smile that lights up any room, and have a contagious laugh. Cho's are very good looking and are amazing people to have in your life. If you have a Cho, keep them.
Omg, he's a CHO!!
by Pynebae December 20, 2015
An extremely attractive lady that stands out from the crowd
"There is chos everywhere"
"Where the chos at"
by kevvaaa November 24, 2013
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