A Jamaican word used as an exclamation of disgust, and even affermation, depending on the way it's said. Used along the lines of "Damn!" or "Sh**!" and even "Raatid!"
So why she behaving like that? Cho! (disgust)

Cho, she look nice eeeeeh. (affermation)
by Ozman March 08, 2005
Australian slang for small penis
aww mate michael chow has has a freakin cho !!!
by bush tucker neegro February 27, 2007
(n) Emo, clingy individual.
(v) To guilt or force into an activity.
(adj) To act emo/sad.
"You're such a cho."
"You got cho'ed into being auctioned, loser!"
"Stop being so cho, she was taken!"
by chofriend February 26, 2007
short for chode, someone who is just worthless and annoying and such
Fuckin' cho! Why don't you go become unworthless
by Jacknurguhl November 04, 2007
1.noun; huge dick, atleast 10 in

2.also noun; person with amazingly huge dick
When the man lays on his back, his cho touches the ceiling
by retarted fridge September 29, 2007
A universal word derived from the word 'sir'. It was created by John-Michael of UNCW and soon spread throughout North Carolina. It can be used as any part of speach in response to all questions, statements, and comments. Also see cho-ing.
Anise is such a cho.
by Michelle Abou-Eid July 05, 2007
A person of any nationality, who is a really dark, evil motherfucker, that seems capable of massacring people. Generally a loner, reads and death stares straight into the very fabric of your being.

Derived from the Korean dude "Cho", who massacred 32 students at Virginia Tech.
Guy 1: My god that Andy kid, he's such a Cho all he does is read all day and stroke that semi-automatic wonder...what he's gonna do with it.

Guy 2: Beats me.

Andy: My precious..Gollum kill you! Nooo..Smeagle must stop him...aaaargh!
by AnnoyedBlackGuy May 30, 2007
Money, Ends, Scrill, Loot, Currency, Scratch. A term mostly used in Michigan, especially Detroit, MI. A derivative of the word cheddar. Chedda became cho.
Man I'm about my Cho!, I needs mo cho... I works hard 4 the Cho. How much cho u got?
by EliteOneT December 06, 2005

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