A Jamaican word used as an exclamation of disgust, and even affermation, depending on the way it's said. Used along the lines of "Damn!" or "Sh**!" and even "Raatid!"
So why she behaving like that? Cho! (disgust)

Cho, she look nice eeeeeh. (affermation)
by Ozman March 08, 2005
The Virginia Tech mascot, dressed as an Asian kid who shoots people that drink cognac.
"Cho, what you doing here? Can I buy you a Hennessy?"
'click-click' BLAM!!
by peckbag March 25, 2008
the inside of a butt/asshole.or basically any insulting name you can come up with
Dude that guy at taco bell didn't give me any hot sauce,what a cho!!!!
by fredzilla20 March 14, 2008
Abbreviation for "Check Him/Her Out". If one is "checking him/her out" it is referred to as "cho-ing". Due to widespread use (...okay, not really.) the term has developed into a noun and adjective as well.
*girl spots a hot guy and turns to her girlfrieds* "OMG cho!"

Verb: Stop cho-ing(oogling) that guy! I think he noticed!

Noun: He is such a cho(hottie)

Adjective: Gosh, she is quite cho(pretty) in my opinion.
by annonymusss. January 02, 2008
A simple way of saying "your"
"get Cho ass off my car"
by Bradleydl September 15, 2007
to go postal and mass murder a large group of people, as in VT gunman Cho Seung Hui.
He was picked on so badly by the jocks, I was scared he was going to turn Cho on all of us.
by Lorz April 28, 2007
To take revenge on those who have bullied or teased.
Mark really cho'd Tommy by whipping his butt
by kocboc April 26, 2007
One who is always late for work
"Why Didn't you Cho up for work today!"
by Brian Kaplan March 23, 2007

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