A Jamaican word used as an exclamation of disgust, and even affermation, depending on the way it's said. Used along the lines of "Damn!" or "Sh**!" and even "Raatid!"
So why she behaving like that? Cho! (disgust)

Cho, she look nice eeeeeh. (affermation)
by Ozman March 08, 2005
chos is another word for nachos. it is nachos without the "na" part.
Hey Harrison, can I gank some of your chos.
by Swedish Bob October 05, 2006
a classy hoe or any female in general
yo where da choes at tonight??
by govtown June 02, 2009
Let's smoke a cho.
by Liddy Marie December 03, 2013
A tall, silent and dead serious asian who when at random timing crack lame jokes and expecting roaring laughter but only gets the cricket sound.
Dan: You heard Cho's new joke?

Sam: I dont wanna hear about it..
by Scene Dude November 26, 2011
Slang for "Nachos." Homemade form of the dish in which microwave tortilla chips with grated cheese and hot sauce on it.
"Man those were some flame ass 'Chos.
by the 'chos man December 29, 2010
1. A greeting.

2. An indication of something unfortunate happening to an individual and or bestowing something unfortunate onto another individual.
1. "Cho, what's up dude?"..."Chillin' big cho, what about you."

2. "Yo dude, did that girl cho you last night?"..."Dude, she bailed last night, got cho'ed so hard."

2. "Some dude tried cho'ing me last night at this bar when I went up to get a drink, I saw him later that night getting a DUI. He totally got cho'ed."
by Choey McGritterson April 08, 2013
A North East of England colloquial adjective meaning good and reflecting a high level of greatness.
That kebab was well chos
Your sister has a well chos rack
That time when Bono fell of the stage at that U2 gig and climbed back onto the stage and pretended that he was OK and hadn't hurt himself but he really had and then he had to cancel all the planned gigs for a year was chos
by gjd24601 June 21, 2013

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