to smoke marijuana, get stoned, high as crap!
Me and Eric are going to Chort before we go to the show!
by Micen August 25, 2006
Top Definition
Abbreviation of chortle--used to express mild amusement in a succinct fashion.
by Sit down ,D December 25, 2011
1. (noun) maniac.
2. (noun) flake.
3. (noun) alternate name for the cheat, see coach Z.
1. That fucking chort is off the wall, she should cut down on the coffee.
2. Wow, Ashley and Alexis are the biggest chorts ever.
by nick handman and ted nava September 18, 2003
1.) A total piece of shit.
2.) Is too short to go on any rides at the fair.
3.) Has crazy eyes.
4.) Directly related to the T-Rex.
1.) Hey Wayne is that a piece of Chort on your shoe?
2.) You need to be this tall to ride the ride but you're a Chort so forget it.
3.) Crazy eyes a.k.a. Chort eyes.
4.) You can tell a Chort is related to the dinosaur family by a few key characteristics. Short arms, sharp teeth and yellow eyes are the most common features to look for. But rare characteristics include being total ass kissers when someone is watching and sweating cocaine water on hot summer days. If you see cocaine dripping from a Chort be very careful. Assume that Chort is dangerous.
by Rucky January 18, 2014 the charicter "coach-Z with an unknow slighty anoying accent cannot define the word "cheat" therefor calling the cheat"the chort"
"the king of tows gone mad with power!!! hes ginna eat the chort!"
by Jeesus_ate_my-cat September 19, 2003
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