Webster defines this as a combination of the words chuckle and snort. This would apply especially to the action of smoking ganja and trying not to cough.

This term was frequently used in the Colorado high country by powder skiing hedonists late in the last millennium.
After boarding the gondola car, we weren't to the first tower yet when the telemark skier pointed an acrylic tube in my direction and said "chortle"?
by Toute boarder December 18, 2009
chawr-tl - The sound produced by the giver of fellatio, upon climax of said act. When draining cum from a cock the dick sucker will chortle.
That blow-job was sooo good. She chortled so good.
by lefpaz August 22, 2011
The act of accidentally vomiting while laughing really hard. Often seen in babies and pot-heads.
Gross, my baby was cracking up and just chortled all over me!

Dude, stop laughing & coughing - you're gonna chortle in the bong!
by Rick Cranium January 23, 2011
another word for laugh - often used in laura and angelas lil laughin hysteric msn convos! tis hill hairy ass!!
chortle, guffaw, giggle!
by rollsright rough diamond January 12, 2005
The sound that a woman emits while performing the act of fellatio.
Man: “So, I was getting blown, right, and the chick lets out the biggest chortle.”
Friend: “That’s dirty bro.”
by jdame February 05, 2007
Turtle Chalupa. Now a rarity due to animals rights snobs who don't know the delicacy that is turtle meat wrapped in a deep fried flour tortilla.
I'm bout to bust a cap in the next PETA bastard I see for making chortles so hard to get.
by flipper November 05, 2003
The sound a bong makes as it percolates.
Man, you want to get chortled? Sure, let's chortle.
by Stizzle June 14, 2006

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