another word for laugh - often used in laura and angelas lil laughin hysteric msn convos! tis hill hairy ass!!
chortle, guffaw, giggle!
by rollsright rough diamond January 12, 2005
to gag as if something was hitting the back of your throat
Snoop chortled as he inhaled the large wiener.
by webster October 03, 2003
the act of semen discharging from an erected penis or when you cum
i chortled in that bitches eye last night
by toto August 03, 2005
a chocolate covered cookie
hey, can u buy me some chortles
by mk March 01, 2005
to gargle cum in the back of the throat making a loud noise
I will chortle after giving you head later tonight.
by ruthie September 09, 2004

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