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a combination of corny and horny. Used to describe a person that is disconnected from current dating lingo and hasn't been laid in a very long time as a result.
"Check out that old guy in the leisure suit hitting on those college girls, hes so chorny."
by Jacob Perrotta December 29, 2004
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someone or something that is extremely corny and cheesy. borderline of stupid yet cute.
guy: your eyes are as blue as the sky.
girl: aww, you're so chorny.
by DeeJas February 03, 2010
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A girl who gives the impression that she's horny at a bar, in a corny sort-of-way
Chorny girl at a bar, talking to some random guy she doesn't know: "Oh man, ever since my boyfriend and I broke up, I haven't gotten laid once! It totally sucks!" Now the guy doesn't even have to try to get her to come home with him. The guy hooks up with her, and tell his friend, "Bro, I met the chorniest girl last night. Got her home with me in 15 minutes flat!"
by Ellen A. December 08, 2008
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A term to describe humor that is both corny and sexually suggestive.
Susan Sanders never got along with her female classmates because her chorny jokes offended their delicate sensibilities.
by Mannschaft June 04, 2012
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