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Town in central Lancashire, in the United Kingdom. The town proclaims itself to be "Lancashire's Biggest Little Market Town." The town was made famous by repeated references to it by comedian Peter Kay in his stand up shows and his TV programmes "That Peter Kay Thing," "Phoenix Nights" and "Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere."

The radio station mentioned in the shows, Chorley FM, is fictional and does not exist. However, there have been temporary licenses in the area broadcasting under the name following the programme's success.

Chorley is also famous for its Chorley Cakes, far superior to the nearby Eccles cakes.
You're listening to Chorley FM - where the listener comes first!
by Paulos May 27, 2005
A derisive name given to a male who has strange sexual fetishes, in particularly wanting to break the pelvis of a girl. This kind of person should be avoided, at all costs.
"Have you heard about that guy? Apparently he likes to jizz onto windows."
"Woah that's sick!! Well, he is Chorley..."
by Benzemama February 26, 2008
Stolen property, of a limited risk to ones freedom.
"i got a load of trainers, good stuff, a bit chorley..."
by Ohforfu... September 23, 2003
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