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A cross between chicken and pork. usually unidentifiable as to whether pork or chicken is the dominant meat in a particular piece of chork.
Chork is usually served on tuesdays with the cheapass fajitas, when the lunch ladies are to lazy to fix us a proper meal.
by Scott Anderson December 29, 2003
A cross between a fork and a chopstick."

See.... I think they are selling them...
" Damn this lo mein is hard to eat... I wish I had a chork!"
by Quixoticdreamer May 03, 2009
(n) A foul tasting/smelling cigar that is not necessarily a bad brand.
I bought a box of Punch Gran Puros and 3 of the 25 were total chorks.
by Anglocowboy August 28, 2008
Noun: a nickname for a norco.

Verb: to eat a norco.

Noun: I think I'm sick because I ate to many chorks.

Verb: Lets chork some norks n get freaky! ;)
by chorklord December 08, 2013
Chork. 1684. Verb. (hurl forth or excrete)
I.To chork or chork upon. II.Old English phrase of barfing.
"The old cabbaage was consumed and thus reappeared by means of the gentlemen chorking a woofer. (also: narfed a loofy)
by Hodo November 04, 2003
1. The act of fellatio.
2. Chugging Dick.
Julie sure can chork a dork.
That bitch can chork a mean dick.
by Captain Fucking Morgan November 17, 2010
Fork made out of boneless chicken.
Sally used her chork to eat the spaghetti, then ate the chork afterwards
by RGNK Hermit October 20, 2011
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