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a shitty ass habit only practiced by white familes or "wanna be white" families.
white:yo what kinds of chores do you do around your house? I do lots!

non white: shut up bitch i dont do chores, thats why we have moms for...dumbass
by deathinhaler May 05, 2009
34 46
A word used to disguise the act of masturbation while online.
hey dude brb i gotta do some chores
by mike fizzle February 19, 2005
179 117
to steal or a thief. Romany word 'te chorel' to steal. see also chor. Used in pockets all over the UK where chavs are descended from Romany Gypsies. (e.g., recently heard in Chatham, Kent)
he's a bleeding chore, he's always choring from shops
by klidenengro February 01, 2004
78 35
it means to steal and is used by northern youths (townies)
A: Where's my bike?
B: He chored it!
by sam fox September 26, 2003
73 42
A routinely task that usually spends much of a person's time and patience. Things most people hate doing but have no other choice. Only lazy people, people who live like pigs and exaggeratingly controlling men that abuse their wives and sit around doing nothing but drink beer do not do chores.
I hate doing chores. That's why I'm married.
by shulltheantisocial June 27, 2010
36 18
Someone that engages in excessive chat flirting (see: Chirting) to the point that they become a chat whore.

Can be comprised of a combination of chat flirting on several IM applications running simultaneously (Gchat, Yahoo!, Facebook) or just several online chat flirts running in the same application.
Me: I just found my ex-GF from high school on Facebook, she's online so I'm chirting with her now. I'm also IMing the new temp that just started on my floor, we may hang out this weekend.

Friend: Wow. You're such a chore.
by Middle Child January 25, 2010
32 20
Old pikey word for "Steal". Now used by people other than travellers.
Pikey Dad: Oi! Chavi! Chore that beer for ya old dad!
by Trampikey and Goldie! June 19, 2005
32 21
"chore boy" the copper screen put into a crack pipe
you gotta any chore
by agirl November 02, 2003
49 40