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A professional Personal Assistant. This is a person who is hired to take care of someone's personal affairs, from bill-paying to travel reservations to grocery shopping, & other tasks.
Lots of Hollywood celebs hire chore whores to avoid being mobbed by autograph hounds at the grocery store or gas station.
by Daniel Bobalek September 06, 2006
A woman, typically a wife, who refuses to engage in sexual activities with her husband if she believes he has not completed all his assigned household duties.
She is such a chore whore. She refused to give me a blow job because I hadn't taken out the garbage.
by Dan Tooth April 18, 2009
An individual who engages in acts of household cleansing for financial gain.
We hired a new chore whore last week. Man, can she hoover!
by WhatAboutLunch February 18, 2011