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someone forces other to do an outrageous or exissice amount of chores in a house with no compesation or reward. A chore nazi usually hates people who are lazy or people who do not do many chores. Someone who is part of the third reich chore division.
Cinderella's stepmother was a chore nazi.
My parents dont let me go out cuz they are total chore nazis.
#parents #slave drivers #boss #servant #steparent
by XzhadowX November 06, 2009
Someone who is always nagging at you to do chores.
Dad: Hey! HEY!! Did you finish your chores yet?!
Mom: (same as above)
Me: Yes, like an hour ago.
Both: But now theres more chores to do!
#parents #cookies #meh #chore #nazi #mom #dad #chocolate #cake #portal #mcdonalds
by That awesome hat January 23, 2011
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