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An idiot/jerk.
Pronounced: ch-ord
You're such a chord.
by Jayyy<3 November 22, 2011
A mixture of notes played on the guitar.
I can play chords!!!!!!!!!!!
by Allie Balalie March 01, 2005
The act of having sex on a group of powerchords, preferably on your friends' set and not you own. Its mostly for payback or laughter reasons.
Jane: Keep going, don't stop.

Chris: Why the hell are we doing this on your roommate's powerchords?

Jane: She took my heels last night, this if REVENGE!
by TheChordKing May 05, 2011
There are quite a few chords. These are combinations of holding down strings of a guitar and strumming them all at the same time. It makes a beautiful sound.
I learned 3 new chords last night and made a song out of them.
by sheck March 16, 2005
A chord is a series of notes played at the same time. One can play chords on both piano and guitar. Chords are derived from scales., which, when played along a song in its respective scale, accompanies the song and helps give the song an emotion.
On a piano, the D Minor Chord is represented by "Dm". The notes to be played are D, F, and A
by MrMinorScale December 19, 2012
chord newcastle word for steal
i chord a car last night
by danu96 November 13, 2005
When a mans penis is wider than it is long!
I heard that Bailey bloke had chord
by Luke Lee June 26, 2006