I asked that gurl out and she chopped and screwed me, she chopped and screwed me
by Sheeda(: December 07, 2008
a song by t-pain feat. ludacris
"Now you've offically been chopped and screwed
by prettybby October 07, 2008
a circumcised penis
"cut? more like chopped and screwed"
by cmslt March 20, 2013
The act of date-raping a white woman after buying them multiple Screwdrivers at a club, followed by a chop to the neck.
"Damn, I heard she got chopped and screwed last night by Terrell"

"I can still see the rain Jerome made on Cindy's hair! Chopped and screwed foo"

"I got some roofies for when we chop and screw that bitch"
by Honest Eric February 14, 2009
to be turned down by a female, to be led on.
dayyyyum!, that chick just chopped and screwed you!
by rubenblanca October 24, 2008
when yu ask a femlale if she wants to go back to your place and she then ditches you bkus she has to go chill with her friends so shes ditching you for her friends;; so you've officially been cHopPed &+ $CREWEd <---
dude: ayyy ma wanna qo back to my crib and chill ?

femalee: id love to buh i qotta chill with my qirls !

by katieeee b ! November 05, 2008
when a hip hop or rap record is slowed down and mixed hence the word chopped(cut it slow down ) and screwed with mixed
swisha house makes good chopped and screwed records
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
Chop dat bitch, Screw Dat bitch and leave in da ditch.(make sure you use an ax)
I chopped and screwed my bitch before bed last night.
by gjagfkjaghbiuyea January 15, 2009
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