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(n.) A garage that specialises in buying hot (recently stolen) cars and disassembling them to sell the parts individually, where they are vitually untraceable. Many parts will find themselves in west Africa, where they are then sold across the internet witht he claim that they were taken from wrecks. Since the laws regarding reporting wrecks in this part of the world are somewhat obscure, and unco-operative witht he rest of the world, reclaiming the parts, even if you can prove it is yours is very difficult.
The convertable BMW 3.25 was stolen in the early hours of the morning and is probably in a chop shop by now.
by Kung-Fu Jesus July 21, 2004
The act of gathering a group of females to engage in the act of performing oral sex to you and your comrades.
"ay patna holla at them beezys and set up chopshop!"
"i had them bitches open up chopshop all in da doe"
by Montzilla October 12, 2007
Chop shop is slang for the digital editing of photos. The term originates from Adobe Photoshop, the image editor most commonly used by professionals for this purpose
lets chop shop some photos.
by chop chop shop November 02, 2009
An abortion clinic, or establishment where the abortion of a unwanted pregnancy might occur
Man, that bitch is pregnant? You better take her ass to the chop shop!
by Matthew Whitaker May 14, 2005
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