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chopped up mint leaves used in the production of wet.
I need to buy a pound of chop tomorrow, I just got ahold of a gallon of sherm.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
4 10
a name for a tightly rolled blunt usually with a swisher sweet or a backwood. comes from the Bay Area a common term on the west coast.
1. yo homie, lets toke this chop.

2. Damn you got bars on that chop man.
by T-rev93 March 25, 2011
0 0
a cup of coffee
-hey get me that chop!
-naa its not done yet i think we need to clean the coffee maker
by MayorMcCheese January 01, 2011
4 4
facial hair on the cheeks, makes person change from boy to man
wow look at jake he looks like a man with those chops
by themanwiththefacialhair April 01, 2010
4 4
To freestyle rap
Yo man that nigga can chop!!
by Dekoi November 04, 2009
1 1
A powerful pill they call Oxycotin.
Man I'm so chopped out right now.
by Miss Emily Strange August 19, 2009
4 4
To partake in sexual intercourse.
Did you chop her last night?
by William Daniels, Bristol May 15, 2009
5 5
Someone who is bad at golf or anything else. Used as an insult.
you're a chop
by Matt Foge May 18, 2011
0 1