chopped up mint leaves used in the production of wet.
I need to buy a pound of chop tomorrow, I just got ahold of a gallon of sherm.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
Marijuana that is ready for packing into your cone piece.

Comes from putting the marijuana and the tobacco into a bowl and using scissors to "chop" it.
"damn man, I am starting to come down, pass us the chop will ya?"
by MillerMan January 16, 2005
a portuguese person, not necessarily a derogatory term, is often used by portuguese people to refer to each other.
All those chops aren't in school today, I wonder if it's portugal's independence day...
by anonymous February 22, 2004
A lo-fi rock band from Western Pennsylvania.
Chop it up now!

Do the Chop.
by Karen February 16, 2004
when rims shine
man,those sprees really chop
by allen January 27, 2004
a phallus, or a person who acts like one.
Tim flopped out his chop at sarah and then she slapped him. He is such a chop.
by James LePoidevin March 06, 2003
slang definition for "hoe"..."girl on the slide" a girl that you mess w/but shes not your gf
it that yo gf?
"no thats jus my chop"
by STICKY March 01, 2003
An accident caused by a fat cyclist at an intersection who sweats excessively onto the road.
You gotta watch for sweating too much when you cycle, you might cause a big chops
by whinywhinger April 20, 2011

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