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chopped up mint leaves used in the production of wet.
I need to buy a pound of chop tomorrow, I just got ahold of a gallon of sherm.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
a code word used when with your girlfriend but want to point out a hot ass to your buddies. usually a chop is a anything tight and fresh on the market. chubby girls can be reffered to ass pork chops, white girls are usually lamb chops, asian girls would be chop suey. twin asian girls would be called chop sticks. this term was coined when at canadas wonderland and i karate chopped my cousin everytime i saw something i wanted to tap, wich was very often. deff needed to hit the old chopping block.
ya man im so hungry i could go for some chop suey right about now, if he agrees he says hell ya, or eww id rather have some lamb chops.
by southwestsaint October 14, 2010
Another word for cigarette. However, a chop is often either sacrificed or put on the chopping block. Also, can be used as a verb. Chopping or to chop a cigarette.
Rick: "Ok i'v had enough man lets go to the chopping block. I need to CHOP!"
by Ludwig Von Chophouse May 04, 2010
an ungrateful,selfish bitch with big teeth
who is paranoid her boyfriend is with others girls.

Oh my god, look at that girl.
She is sucha chop.
by You Know Why January 18, 2009
Chop can also mean fuck
I wanted to chop your sister.
I'm going to chop that.
by Sharmainexox3932 February 16, 2008
To have an unintentional GUI hitch when using a computer -- which is punishable by public ridicule.
Hey Matt, I can see that chop from here.
by Carmelo Paolozzi September 23, 2007
blunts. northern california bay area slang.
yeah nigga we smokin' chops.
by y0 mama January 20, 2006
For a woman to give a man oral sex.
Man i got chopped by this one female it was hella bomb!
by Kir'stie May 26, 2005