An absolutely awful, disgusting sexual act possibly involving two strangers, a child corpse, an animal of an endangered species and several construction tools. No one knows exactly how choosy moms works since no one has ever survived to talk about it. There are several variations of choosy moms and the above components are only a partial list of some of the things the adventurous villains who have attempted choosy moms have collected before attempting it.
"What ever happened to Eva, Morris and that Green and Blue Parrot from the zoo?"
"They all did choosy moms."
by choosy dad November 07, 2008
Top Definition
Nothing less than the most excessive, horrific and vomit-inducing sexual perversion known to Man, the exact nature of choosy moms cannot be researched directly, and so must be arrived at through guesswork. This is the next mung; yea, the munger-than-mung. Hide your children.
I suspected that Rachel and Laura had gone choosy moms in my guest bedroom.
by artaxerxes November 06, 2008
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