Pooping on a persons chest during sex
Oh man I just chooped all over that chicks boobs
by becks77 April 27, 2012
Top Definition
choop means any person place or thing or verb
one day i was chooping down the choop when this choop comes up and was like CHOOP YOU and i was like what the choop?
by mark February 29, 2004
dope weed marijuana A word for pot that can be used in public because no one knows what it means.
probably get some choop of uddy later
by Foyf January 22, 2003
The action of taking a dip (chew tobacco) while taking a poop.
"Yea i'm probably just going home to take a choop and maybe a chower."
by Maseofbase August 06, 2006
the noise that a cardboard spider with metal legs makes when jumping around with excitement
"choopy choop choop"
by Foyf January 22, 2003
a word widely use by st lucians to describe the sound made when someone sucks their teeth ....used mostly during online conversation...sometimes used with more than 2 '"O's" depends on how tense the situation is
Sarah :why did you go tell joanna i said she was ugly ..
Judde: i didnt telll her u said anything choops
by yuhmodaswoman November 10, 2013
Chilling out and or relaxing while pooping.
Usually done while using a smartphone, tablet or laptop to check things online or play games or taking in a book/magazine and reading.
Dude.. I just went for a 30 minute choop!
by corkysru June 29, 2012
The act of chewing a chaw of tobacco and pooping at the same time. always works in conjunction with such words as Tooping (texting and pooping) or Smoopin (smoking and pooping).
"Hey bro you wanna go take a Choop?"

"Hell yea im down for a Choop you got that grizz green and a spitter?"
by I. Mizzle February 21, 2009
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