Means stoned - alternative spelling of "Chung"
I was erm bare choong on friday when i had a spliff.
by flashermonkey April 11, 2005
Top Definition
some one who looks good and is buff
dat bwoys a choong ting
by choong ting November 27, 2003
someone who is highly appealing to you in looks. Another word for buff.
Omd, dat boy is ovvvvva choong.
by ***** November 05, 2003
good looking buff , gorgeous, fit.
that man is choong, that girl over there looks choong.
by Kelzee November 18, 2005
literally it means that you are really nice looking/sexy
mckenzie: yow hav u seen that gash shes raa choong!
kyle: ye man i saw her shes peng 2 raas!
mckenzie: blud im a make ma move!
kyle: ye gwarn
by naw-t_shawty March 13, 2006
something that looks nice
eg 1:person 1"that boy is choong"
person 2"CHOONGTING"
person 1 and 2"lol"
eg 2:Person 1 "i got this choong fone yesterday"(shows fone)
:person 2 "oh my days that fone is choong"
by kandi06 November 10, 2006
A bong or cone of marijuana.
Also describes the state you get it in.
"You have a few choongs before work eh?"
"Listen to you mate, you're on the choongs."
by Diego July 08, 2003
Adjective; describing word.
Means to be extremly high on cannabis;
eyes are small.
"Im so choong!"
"Your eyes look so choong!"
by Hangie Yo July 21, 2008
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