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Choolits is a word children or lame teenagers shout behind a teachers back or in the middle of a class to make their friends laugh.
Normally spoken in a stupidly funny voice.
It can be coupled with the words Oooits, W-d-gunday-haay, Hyerrrp and Sshnoinggg.
Teacher: Joshua shut up and get out of my room!
Joshua's friend Kadeem: CHOOLITS!
by MrCynical November 01, 2006
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Chool it is a portmanteau of "chill out" and "cool it". Used when someone is either getting angry at nothing or being a fuckwad. "Chool out" is an alternative form of the phrase.
Guy 2: Dude, just chool it!


Guy 1: Wow, John is such a fuckwad.
Guy 2: I know, he needs to chool it.
by manofthecentury February 04, 2015

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