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cheap, good food, as in inexpensive, value-menu item
Taco Bell is chood, at least it is when your hungry and have limited funds.
by dorisdela December 06, 2005
9 19
Common klen word for fucker
That guy never gets a round in - what a chood!
by Patellio March 04, 2004
37 22
to be a chood is to be a australian bogan who likes bowties
stop being a chood angas
by ryan Oszczypok March 25, 2008
17 15
Expresses positive feeling verbally.
"dude, i went up to video game depot yesterday and picked up wind waker."
by Chainsaw Dudley March 31, 2003
0 8
Pronounced "chude"

From the words "chick" and "dude"

When it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a male and a female. The more one looks the harder to determine the sex of the subject.

Synonym: Shim from the words "she" and "him"
Origins: "Hey man check out the chick ahhh wait its a dude well maybe a "Chood."
by VGSShazbot November 24, 2006
9 19