A large fuck train on which people alternater being on their knees and standing while doing doggy style
Last night at this orgy we did the choochoo for a whole hour!!!
by urrbrotherfromanothermother March 18, 2008
Person who thinks they are ub3r, but are really gin666
Choochoo is a choochoo
by booyah February 13, 2003
1) The sound of train's horn.
2) A child's name for a railway train.
The train started to move and said:

-Mummy, what is it? Is it choo-choo?
-Yes, baby, it's a train.
by nov1ce January 30, 2009
a homosexual three way involving either three gay men or three lesbians; as opposed to sandwich action wich involved either 2 men and 1 woman or 2 women and 1 men
Gina, Maria, and Sofia let me watch them do a choo-choo!
by Silky Smooth January 07, 2004
Crazy fool, coolest guy that can ever live.
I am a choochoo, I like women, I am cool, Swedish trains are teh sux!
by choochoo February 13, 2003
slang for cocaine
Possibly derived from "choo choo train" - i.e. riding the train.
I think I'll snort a little choo choo before I go out, since I don't have time to brew some coffee.
by franky_boy March 31, 2008
A boneless, furless, amorphus cat.
CHOO-CHOO is evil
by Fuck the innocent! November 22, 2003

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