a peanut wearing a top hat
mr. peanut is the ultimate chong.
by gamlost December 04, 2007
This word is a verb. To poop.
Dude, I need to take a wicked chong.

Oh man, I totally chonged in my pants just now.
by The Noble Marmot January 21, 2005
To smoke so much dank in a seeled car that no one can see and some one is begging for air.

From the Delafield smokers crew, eg. Soknuts and co.
Let me out, I can't breath.

Shut pussy the ride is just getting chonged.
by Gimpy September 08, 2004
To smoke Crystal Methamphetamine (Ice)
We go chong, boo!

Dude, I ain't trying to smoke weed... I'm tryna chong!
by Casual Thug March 21, 2006
(n), (c)
1) a racist term for someone from the Korean Peninsula

chong (n), (c)
2) a product that is badly made or of poor quality
1) A Chong lies through his teeth without hesitation to cover up his lie.
2) No chong will be a welcome Christmas present for someone special.
by Shineya Chong November 25, 2005
Racial slur exclusively used for Koreans.
It wouldn't work unless it is used against Koreans.
Shut a hook up, Chong!
by koreanist June 06, 2005
Verb - to chong

Meaning to smoke marijuana of a particularly potent strain.
Noun - chong

A particularly potent strain of marijuana
Friend A: dude last I night I was whiting out so hard it was like visiting Outer Chongolia

Friend B: aha yeh you were like Kim Chong Un bro..

Friend A: that's me - king Chong in Chong Kong

Friend B: yeh but cos you were chonging so hard you forgot to wear your chongdom.. Safe sex and chongtraception are no laughing matter...
by Elchong April 17, 2015

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