Slang term for Hispanic urban youth of lower socioeconomic status. Usually seen wearing low rider inspired clothing; wife beater shirts, clean Nike gangsters or similar. The origination of the word is unclear, but it might have something to do with Tommy Chong's character in the comedic "Cheech and Chong" movies.
Also: Chonger
That chong just rolled up in his Monte Carlo all "necio" just to "shit the stick" on those nerds.
by moshi^2 May 15, 2015
synonymous with berries
That jai alai ball nailed me in the chongs. It took me weeks to recuperate.
by buhbuh July 22, 2003
UK slang. If something "chongs", it smells, usually really bad. Basically the same as "mingin".
That toilet chongs! Did you slaughter a cow in there or something?
by Ali3nat0r January 25, 2009
Chongs is a South Australian colloquialism referring to the scrotum commonly used as an expletive.
"That sucks the chongs!" is used to express that something is bad.

"You suck the chongs" is used as an insult.
by The_Cantletron August 29, 2008
To chong is to consume rapidly. Chongs - to consume rapidly - verb.
Sir DJ Tron Esquire chongs on chode.
by croozechesthair July 15, 2003
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