verb, infinitive , to chong.

To take multiple consecutive bong hits, the duration of which can include an entire evening. This indubitably results in the transition of the participant from sophisticated scholar to paralysed imbecile.
The situation is depicted thus;
Stoner A: "Has Liam been cramming for his test? I haven't seen him in bare time!"
Stoner B: "Nope, he's been chonging again. I swear down, he will be gutted when he gets his results, man!"
by stiffkittenbabelfish November 12, 2009
Top Definition
The word means good-looking or attractive, more so than an average person. Often used in british chav clture, along with those kids with their coat hoods up.
"Oi, look at dat boi with dat fit bod! He's chong!"
by louisa March 13, 2005
its just weed, dude!!
'you been on the chong/chongin'?'
by soph August 31, 2003
Used jocularly as a postpositive interjection to indicate that a previous statement is untrue.
That definition was totally easy to understand. CHONG!
by JLuce April 12, 2010
this word was made in hawaii, the locals use this term the way we use the term smoke, high, weed, to smoke weed etc
im chonged out, you wanna chong, got some chong
by dihzae July 24, 2003
Verb: To ingest Marijuana to a point of extreme intoxication. Regional slang to the San Francisco Bay Area due to it's high volume of marijuana usage.

Etymology: Using the last name of Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong fame) as a verb.
I was totally Chonged after my fifth joint in an hour.
by Hellen Killer March 15, 2009
when some thing is good or attractive
"that girl is chong" or "this tastes chong"
by SammySam October 19, 2006
Abbreviation, Verb.

Abbr. choke the dong

To squeeze the head of the penis very hard, esp as a part of masturbation.
Tim was having a great time whilst Alice gave him a chong.
by WhatsAppWrangler September 16, 2014

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