1: High. Someone who is under the effects of drugs
2: Cool. Someone or something that is cool
"I was smoking the weed all day! I was chong!"
"You look chong in that outfit!"
by Redmonx July 21, 2005
A racial slur to describe asian people.
You dirty, sneaky chong... i gonna come ova and blindfold you with dental floss then beat the crap outta you.
by Gandhi February 06, 2004
A chong is a female who is easily persuaded for sexual favours
That Gals a Chong, im sure to get pussy
by Micheal November 20, 2003
marijuana laced with crack cocaine
by bootsy collins April 13, 2003
It's kinda like my dong, but it comes outa your forehead like a banana.
Dude your chong is showing.
by George Albert February 28, 2004
1. (verb) To smoke krystal meth.
Hey man, let's go chong today!
by SuperD July 14, 2004
(verb) To take a bong hit, chug an entire beer, then exhale the pot smoke.
Let's do some chongs to get messed up real fast.
by Phil E Drifter August 03, 2007

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