1: High. Someone who is under the effects of drugs
2: Cool. Someone or something that is cool
"I was smoking the weed all day! I was chong!"
"You look chong in that outfit!"
by Redmonx July 21, 2005
To ejaculate semen in some form.
I would Chong in her face.
Don't make me chong in your cereral you docuhe.
Yes chong is a real word, if you think different you deserve to be chonged on!
by Kape1 April 05, 2007
To consume with speed.
c'mon chong your pint.
Im chonging the bifter.
by Billoddy March 19, 2003
"Husband" in the Vietnamese language.
anh yeu em chong= I love you husband
by LCH October 27, 2006
To roll or smoke a joint.
"Are we gonna chong that spliff right here in front of the fuzz?!"
by Sophsky March 27, 2007
the equivalent of 'dude' in Manila and other areas in the Philippines where Tagalog is the predominant dialect. often used to address a male friend.

spelling variations: chawng, tsong
chong, chat tayo!
ano ba, chong?!
by t15h May 25, 2007
A Mexican guy/girl that is really trashy

Chong guys usually wear stained wife beaters, jinco jeans, chains, sandals WITH socks, virgin mary anything.

Chong girls can be seen with white eyeliner, dark lip liner without the rest the filled in, shaved eyebrows drawn on care of Sharpie, hoop earrings that could fit around your neck, high ponytails on the top of head, white k-swiss and old school white sketchers, and virgin mary memoribilia, and Selena shirts.

Their cars are usually very tinted with $10 spinners and their last name on the back window in old english letters (i.e. campos)

Chongs can be spotted at flea markets, Wal-Mart, Circle K, South Texas, etc.

*they also say words like "vato," and "guey" (pronounced way) which means dude in spanish.
Sarah: Eww did you just see that chong's car?
Jessica: Which one? Ramirez or Gonzalez?
Sarah: How could you tell?
Jessica: Duh it's on the back of his El Camino.
by i hate chongs March 10, 2006
A racial slur to describe asian people.
You dirty, sneaky chong... i gonna come ova and blindfold you with dental floss then beat the crap outta you.
by Gandhi February 06, 2004

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