1: High. Someone who is under the effects of drugs
2: Cool. Someone or something that is cool
"I was smoking the weed all day! I was chong!"
"You look chong in that outfit!"
by Redmonx July 21, 2005
to smell really really bad
man #1 - o god, ryan chongs man
man #2 - yer i know he smells lke a wet dog, that someone just threw up on whilst taking a shit
by phoenix fitch February 18, 2007
Derogatory name for a hispanic.
1. "Look at that chong, man. His cheap bling and his baggy pants."

2. "Hey guey! Lats smoke sum doobys cuz we're chongs n mojaditos!"
by manny g June 06, 2004
To hit a male in the genitals by purpose or accident.
The third base coach wasn't paying attention and he got chonged by a hard line drive.
by Rudy Botka July 07, 2005
an exclamation of approval at the sedative medicinal properties of marajuania.
person 1:how was that?
person 2:Chong!(intonation of a bell gong)
by dan and ben February 09, 2003
1. Is anything and everything both alive, dead, and inanimate. Similar to The Force in Star Wars.

1. He drove the chong home from football.

2. What the fotching chong is going on here.

3. What a chong.
by Funktionarian October 24, 2011
Verb; To accidentally inhale a roach down your throat, often causing one to qwag, as seen in Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke.
Don't hit that tiny roach so hard, you might chong it.
by RealHorrorshow88 September 07, 2009
A chong is a person also knows as a cholo, ese or a naco. They are the ones who make the real Mexicans looks bad.
Look at the chongs stupid looking truck with his last name on the back of the window.
by Machete Filoso February 12, 2009

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