1: High. Someone who is under the effects of drugs
2: Cool. Someone or something that is cool
"I was smoking the weed all day! I was chong!"
"You look chong in that outfit!"
by Redmonx July 21, 2005
chong means to ruin something. This could be by dropping out, complaining, hogging etc.
"you can't handle the sesh! you're such a chong!"
"hey don't chong the weed man"

"Alex really chonged the party last night"
by Harrins November 22, 2013
chong meaning to smoke
to be chonged: high

chong dat
im bare chonged
by doodeyboob April 22, 2009
chongs are another name for "bong's" used usually in a sentance to discribe the consumption or marijuana.
lets go have some chongs
by McGee May 11, 2004
verb, infinitive , to chong.

To take multiple consecutive bong hits, the duration of which can include an entire evening. This indubitably results in the transition of the participant from sophisticated scholar to paralysed imbecile.
The situation is depicted thus;
Stoner A: "Has Liam been cramming for his test? I haven't seen him in bare time!"
Stoner B: "Nope, he's been chonging again. I swear down, he will be gutted when he gets his results, man!"
by stiffkittenbabelfish November 12, 2009
A verb meaning to casually greet another person by feeling in order: their breasts, ass, and groin area. Usually done from male to female, never vice versa, and can be homosexual in nature. Originated by the famous Korean, Daniel Chong.
Akhtar: "Hey yo, maybe we should invite VA to this party?"

Petroski: "Naw, man... You know somebody's only gonna chong her again."

Akhtar: "Thats true, dude. I dont want Pomper to kick me out."
by mike410 April 10, 2009
A Chest Dong.
- Boobs become one and become a penis, and that's where the dong part comes in.

"You give good chong dome."
by Amanda Rowman July 23, 2008
to smell really really bad
man #1 - o god, ryan chongs man
man #2 - yer i know he smells lke a wet dog, that someone just threw up on whilst taking a shit
by phoenix fitch February 18, 2007

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